Nine of Swords (R) - Your problems are real and because you cannot directly attack them - you have chosen to keep your anger and resentment hidden within yourself. You are becoming inflexible, fixed in your beliefs and ideas. You are using narrow-mindedness as a defense because of the fears and insecurities you have experienced. Anger turned in on itself, soon becomes depression which leads to self-doubt and shame. These deep, hidden feelings will remain until the anger is released and true changes are made. Release your anger in a creative way - choose to believe that tomorrow holds new promise and hope. Be ready, be patient and believe that you have won. Trust that good news is coming! Be patient and believe in the blessings that are coming. Do not rush anything now - allow your tool to be your faith and trust in God's power to turn your situation around. Draw from his energy for guidance and support as you work through your self-doubts.

You are being too hard on yourself, too idealistic. Over-working, thinking too much. The mind and its store of information can be either a prison or what liberates us from prison.

Questions to Answer: How are you putting yourself down? What is the source of your depression? What are you suffering from? How have you been cruel and thoughtless or who has been cruel and hurt you? What can you do to improve the situation? What thoughts or nightmares are plaguing you?