Nine of Wands (R) - Your defenses have failed - your problems grow too great for your strength to hold them back. The barriers you have created to protect yourself are becoming your cage. You are giving away your self-responsibility. Seek a different approach - recognize now that your old habits make you inflexible. You have risked so much to get this far - be fearless now and move forward in relative safety. It is time for you to take your next step - take the fences down. Listen to your guides and trust your intuition. "Act" on your inspirations. Carry your experiences with you and release your fear of moving on. Do not bend under adversity or display weakness in your attitude - fight for what you believe to be right and true. Trust that you have the deep internal resources necessary to resolve any issues that might arise now. Implement your strength in those areas which will allow you to work more effectively in both the personal and professional arenas of your life.

You are weighted down by the structure of your belief and support systems. You are too idealistic. The extensions of self at this point may have made you too heavy. This may show the impact of a top heavy, overly bureaucratic, spiritual organization. The image of an overweight monk comes to mind. This could show spiritual smugness, complacency - spiritual conceit. In a sense, this is quitting before you get to the end of the path, because it feels so good in this place that you do not want to leave. Also spiritual fatigue.

Questions to Answer: What previous knowledge and abilities are you drawing on? What is strengthening you to face opposition? What disciplines are carrying you through? Who or what is demanding a lot from you? What task do you have to handle on your own?