Page of Pentacles - Mastery of creative power - the ability to enjoy studying. The persevering scholar, the pioneer spirit and the passion to create and give birth to new form or restructure old form. The ability to approach any activity with the quality of fascination and involvement - caring less for the rewards or social position than for the work itself. Experience your own inner child's playfulness. Do what you loved to do as a child and you will find your genius, your passion and your success. Take the pressure off yourself - enjoy your journey. Do your best and enjoy the "process". You will be receiving good news - a message that will change many things. There will be a meeting with someone who is kind, generous and sympathetic to your point of view who will create changes for the better through their caring ways.

Predictable, physically resourceful, physical means of discovery, good instincts. Communication with earth spirits. Ruled by the drive for transformation. Physically playful and active. Playground of possibility. Physical innocence, purity. Appropriate naivete in others. Transformation side of things physical - new physical opportunities, situations, events and guides. Drive and the forces of change are instinctive, passive as is the growth of a child is automatic. Wonder at physical things - eagerness, enthusiasm, amusement, physical renewal...physical news. Will and desire which are subtle compared to an adults.

Questions to Answers: What new information are you gathering? What new possibilities do you contain within yourself? Who is bringing you financial information? Are you listening to the earth?