Page of Swords - The activities surrounding you are causing you concern. Begin to align your verbal commitments with action. Regenerate your thinking and act on your ideas rather than just talking about them.

Remaining fixed on "old" knowledge may block new understanding. You learn from everything - every experience, every moment is new. Investigate the possibilities. Trust your intelligence and give your mind a chance. Find a way to attain your goals and dreams. Learning never stops - break through old conditioning, old values and beliefs.

Be receptive to other peoples moods, so that you will KNOW when they are on the defensive. You may not like the possible delay in plans, you could even receive news that you will consider disappointing - news not necessarily instigated by you, but affecting you and requiring quick decisions, causing you to act immediately. Rise above your problems - detach yourself from them, rather than trying to meet the opposition head on. Explore new ideas, seek new realizations and insights - continue to grow.

Mental, assertive, alert, thoughtful, impressionable, investigative, curious, vigilant - ruled by the drive for transformation. Drive and the forces of change is instinctive, passive, automatic. Insightful, highly active consciousness, probing, mentally playful, mental innocence, purity - appropriately naive in mental affairs. Lack of mental experience. The transformation side of things mental, representing new intellectual opportunities, situation, events and guides. Learning lessons directly from mental interaction - mental renewal, mental news. The fountain of mental youth which keeps our minds from aging just as the fountain of influence serves to keep our bodies young.

Questions to Answer: What do you have to say? What fears must you face? What have you just learned through the media? Who is trying to communicate with you?