Page of Swords (R) - Life is unpredictable - prepare your mind now for the unexpected. Remain receptive to other peoples moods so that you can attend to what you wish to produce. Look deeper into the situations that surround you so that you can fully understand them. See if the actions and behavior of others are aligned with the thoughts and ideas that they are expressing.

Prepare your mind for vibrations that could demand quick decisions causing you to act immediately. Trust and believe that all change will eventually be more beneficial. Believe in your mastery of practical thinking and your commitment to quality and excellence. You have detached yourself from a situation which requires more force. You are "limiting" your viewpoint - having become obsessed with your problems and your inability to do anything about them. You require strength, courage and optimism now - expand your mind and exercise it. Renew your perception and revitalize your mind.

An extreme distortion of characteristics...overly curious or apathetic - mental stagnation or rambling inefficiency with too much going on. Generating too many ideas with no follow-through. Inefficient communication.

Questions to Answer: What do you have to say? What fears must you face? What of significance have you just learned through the media? Who is trying to communicate with you?