Page of Wands - Know yourself - master your internal blocks, obstacles and obstructions. Liberate your spirit - set it free to experience new adventures, renewal and new beginnings. Trust your instincts and enjoy yourself in a lighter more youthful way now. Allow yourself to experience life just for itself - free of external pressures. New beginnings, study and reflection - the qualities of a student who seeks new directions for self-growth and development. One who takes the tiger by the tail, is frank, uninhibited and forthright in speech.

A message, happy news - a letter or telephone call that will please you and present the possibility of new developments in work or business. Good judgment is necessary now. Stressful situations and varied experiences have helped develop your self-confidence - allow yourself to express this sense of freedom and adventure by initiating something new. You will know enthusiasm, courage, power - there will be success with hard work and dedication to your goal.

Highly intuitive, very sensitive, vibrant, fiery, humorous, sincere, attentive, uninhibited...a prodigy. Ruled by the drive for transformation. Super consciousness, spiritually playful, spiritual innocence - purity. The transformation side of things intuitive/spiritual and represents new opportunities, situations, events and guides which bring messages of exceptional insight and inspiration. Spiritual renewal - spiritual news through insight, inspiration, guide's messages, serendipity (finding value in things not sought for), synchronicity (coexistence, coincidence - a series of events happening at the same time - spontaneity). The fountain of spiritual youth which keeps your souls vigorous (full of physical strength and energy) in the Earth Plane.

Questions to Answer: What new territories or ideas are you checking out? Who is calling you? Who is enthusiastic about your endeavors and looks up to you as a mature adult? What actions are you risking to take? What are you all fired up about?