Page of Wands (R) - You are experiencing an uncomfortable relationship with a person who is domineering - this person is upsetting you. Face your fears and have the courage now to release them - allow yourself to feel the renewed energy, spirit and vitality.

Your eagerness to start something new has been disrupted by complexities, problems and outright opposition which has resulted in confusion and indecisiveness. You have experienced fear and find you are unable to declare yourself. Recognize now that your basic qualities are simplicity and faithfulness and this instability causes you weakness. Choose now to get away from the complexities or develop the maturity necessary to deal with them. This continued indecision will only lead to further degeneration of your resolve and self-confidence. Be willing now to explore the unknown - ignite your self-curiosity and continue to move forward.

Questions to Answer: What new territories and ideas are you checking out? Who is calling you? Who is enthusiastic about your endeavors and looks up to you as a mature adult? What actions are you risking to take? What are you all fired up about?