Queen of Cups - Mastery of emotional integrity - the ability to always look on the bright side of things, utilizing sensitivity and relying on intuitive ability rather than common sense. Perception - the ability to see ahead and believe. To own ones feelings and express them without blame or judgment, empowering others and allowing them to express their feelings honestly and responsibly. Blending imagination and action into creativity and social usefulness, by directing the imagination into valuable activity. Molding the creative force, without suppressing it.

Love gives meaning to her actions and the realization of her goals, for it is the joining of conscious to feeling. Knowing what you want and taking the steps necessary to get it - always acting with an awareness of love. The vision of life as "joyful" can only come as a gift - love can open you to receiving that gift and recognizing that it exists. Once intelligence is joined to love - you return that gift by taking the vision and making something real and lasting from it.

Awaited pleasures and success are now coming due. People in high position not only offer you assistance, but may bestow some sort of recognition on you. Rewards are promised now - advantages and powerful spiritual forces are present. You are psychic - deeply emotional and you reflect the unconscious in others. You are empathetic and understanding. Recognize that you can also be moody and deceitful. Heal and bring life to yourself and others through feeling fully and deeply - express the beauty of your heart.

Emotional, sensitive, creative, dedicated, motivated, sensual, tender, soothing, loving mother. Ruled by the drive of the heart. Involved with family, friends, fellow workers. Frequently the center of the group. Confident, involved in the arts - a leader/volunteer. Healer by example, nurturer, channel for love. Creative, psychic abilities, enchantress. Nurse for emotional wounds.

Questions to Answer: Who wants to protect you and shower you with affection? How are you working with or expressing your unconscious? How are you expressing your emotions? Who is inspiring you with their dreams and openness?