Queen of Pentacles - Mastery of building new and fulfilling worlds by nurturing the creative aspects of life. A talented energy - family oriented and charitable. She possess a great business intellect which is not afraid of hard work. She tends to become despondent at times, retiring inward for rejuvenation - but, over all she is able to use her talent well and be happy at work or at home. She possesses the finest of the "quieter" qualities - greatness of heart, strong intuition and instinct. She is a quiet, hard working, practical, sensible person - fully aware of her "inner" self. She knows and believes in herself and the magic of her life - having joined forces with the Universe - allowing it to flow through her into her daily life.

Dependable, resourceful, can-doer. Watchful, very generous, good instincts - a good physical leader. Great endurance, ruled by the drive of the heart. Mother/provider, mother earth, naturalist - concern for physical health and the safety of the family. Nourishment. Channel for practical information.

Questions to Answer: How are you channeling your physical resources? Who inspires your need for practical skills and nurtures your desire for knowledge? Who is reliable and trustworthy? How are you grounded in Mother Earth?