Queen of Swords (R) - Cut through any roles, masks or defenses present in yourself or your relationships. Accept your desire to be authentic with the people in your life. Recognize the people in your life who are intolerant and have a narrow outlook - they will find it difficult to see anyone else's point of view. Their perception is keen but it is also deceiving because their overemphasis on sorrow makes life worse than it is - their mind tends to ignore the good things around it. Be aware of the workings of your mind - understand how you create problems. A strong mind can create a very negative reaction to the pain or pressure that is experiencing from an unpleasant situation or person and when opposed - the mind can become so forceful that it actually "expects" or demands that everyone does what it wants. This mind can turn malicious and narrow minded, using its attitude to force its personality on the people around it. When and if this occurs, whether because of sorrow or egoism - this mind has lost its commitment to truth. Keep your clarity and your focus even amidst doubt, distractions and confusion. Maintain your mental balance and you will KNOW the truth.

An aggressive woman vs. unrealized potential. A mother too busy for her family vs. the mother who is always there, looking over your shoulder. Bad planner vs. the over planner. Idealist to a fault.

Questions to Answer: How are you utilizing your mental and communicative abilities? Who is helping you see the alternatives by pointing things out to you in a rational, perhaps critical way? How are you being discriminating and analytical?