Queen of Wands (R) - Recognize the people in your life who are narrow minded, possessive, manipulative and controlling. The people who are vindictive, take a domineering approach and are exceptionally strict and unbending - always demanding that life respond in a positive way. Too much disaster or opposition from life can turn them deceitful, unfaithful and bitter.

It is essential that you demonstrate your self-trust now. Do not abandon yourself in any way. Your internal and external experiences are revealing self-knowledge. Your basic good nature and positive attitudes, as well as your energy make you invaluable in a crisis or disaster, for you just naturally support others in crisis - while at the same time offering good advice, consultation and emotional support. See with intensity - remove any obstructions to your clear view. KNOW the "dark side" - bridge the conscious and the subconscious and discern which avenue will produce the best results for everyone concerned.

Distortion - too a greater or lesser degree. A fire and brimstone personality - out of touch with reality, undeveloped spirituality.

Questions to Answer: How are you expressing your creative energies? Who is giving you lots of good ideas and energy? When do you feel powerful and passionate? Who is strong-willed and protective?