Seven of Pentacles - You are experiencing a cycle of change that will affect your income for the better. Break through the blocks that prevent you from achieving your highest potential. Free your talents by shedding the weight of any psychological or emotional resistance. Move through your old fears of failure - evaluate the results of your efforts and assess your mistakes so that you can learn from them. Be patient - this cycle is changing and re-arranging your life. You will know growth through good honest effort and hard work. Plan your next move during this pause in activity. You are in the process of making a major decision. There will be a welcome change in your financial situation - so stop worrying! Meaningful work gives more than material benefits - you grow as you experience a moment of looking back with satisfaction on something you have accomplished, knowing that what you have built has reached the point that it can grow by itself and you can step back from it without collapsing it. Use the energy of your "fears" to propel you forward - concentrate your strength. Act with will and determination.

New cycles and directions based on previous achievements, such as the harvest which must save part of the crop for seeding next year's planting as opposed to the totally new beginnings of the Aces. Here are the material results of hard physical work and the shifting from one aspect of a task to another, as in from farming to harvesting/storage. A shift from one job to another within a company or a given field. There is abundant supply, enough for reserves. Ample food supply. Inventory, taking stock of material worth. Savings, investments, good results of a fund drive. A healthy budget for the next phase. Harnessing of, yet harmony with nature. A ripeness, maturity, preparedness. An advanced level of establishment, cycles of security over a number of years. Physically and materially worldly, experienced. Here is the professional, one who knows the ins and outs of their livelihood and has become inseparable from it. Aspects of real property, real estate. A good season in business, especially retail. A significant stature has been achieved at this point. Aristocratic in all the good senses of the term.

Questions to Answer: What is growing and maturing that you are concerned about? What do you fear will fail or be spoiled? What mistakes did you make in a past similar situation and what can you do differently now? What investments have you made in time, money or labor that worry you? How have your efforts been worthwhile?