Seven of Swords - Stabilize your mind. Your belief system is your natural grounding - your mental foundation from which you can take great leaps of consciousness, then return to regroup and renew. You have wit and cunning, the ability to create plans and strategies. When the odds seem to be against you - you seek a way to disarm the enemy. You have the ability to take the potential "sting" out of any situation by forethought and preparation - using your ability to take care of details.

Do something daring that proves your bravery, skill, speed and cunning. If it looks like things may not work out the way you have planned them - have an alternate way to go. Apply your mental energy to every task and prepare your ground for later action. You are perfecting your wisdom, gaining maturity as you learn to control your power, emotions and intuition. If you find yourself unable to get anyone's help - ask yourself if you are perhaps "hiding" your true plans and intentions? Seek "inner" guidance and the solutions will be presented.

You have begun to include others as extensions of the self. Here the higher physical aspect of mind, its dedication and application in the hard realities of the world, but with the goal of proving to itself the existence of God in everything, to rationalize faith through the actual experience of divinity in the physical world. This is a time for mental harvesting, for analysis/measuring of progress in preparation for the next round of thought, decision and action. A bit of a perfectionist. Here is the informed, the qualified, the certified, the approved, the accepted. Education, particularly advanced education, schooling with a definite purpose. Investigation and research. Observation/recording. Calculation. Measuring. Comparison. Speaking out, advancing your opinions. Physically carrying out mental projects. materializing ideas into mechanics. Moving information. News, Communication, publishing, writing, editing, computers, storage of information.

Questions to Answer: What are you "appropriating"? Who are you deceiving? What is your strategy to achieve your ends? What research are you doing? What ideas are you collecting? How are you maneuvering the outcome? What is confusing you? What can you do to drop your defenses and become more open? What are the weaknesses in your plan, research or work?