Seven of Wands - Face up to this situation - assert your point of view, stand by what you value and never compromise or settle for less. Rest now - you are under pressure in this situation. You will see things more clearly in time for you are blessed with inner strength and can hold on in any adversity. Prepare to defend the very basics in your life -it will require courage and responsibility. Stand by what you value and things will unfold, regenerate and renew themselves - allowing you to move in directions that you value.

You will require the assistance of others now, strength and energy will be needed, for you will be required to test your mettle to prove yourself against the competition - only then will you know whether you have mastered your lessons. Trust in your intuition and past experiences - have the nerve, sense of purpose and determination to meet the challenges that will be presented now. Stand up to opposition without backing down. When you are fired up about something, you speak your ideas and stand up for your values, you have the courage to face the odds and overcome the obstacles. Your leadership abilities will surface as your opponents test your limitations - continue to build your mastery.

You have begun to include others as an extension of the self. Distinction between self will and the will of God diminishes, then disappears. The higher physical aspect of the Spiritual Plane. The foundation is laid for the integration of the body, the heart and the mind with the spiritual. They must perfect the art of remaining separate while becoming one. You are enlightened enough to function as one with the environment and everything else as duality merges into the One. The paradox is that this state of enlightenment sets you apart from others not yet at that stage. The test is to not let enlightenment separate you from those less enlightened - it should make you less separate. Here faith has crystallized into its mature form for this incarnation - but its defenses against other forms is still necessary - for it is mature but not complete. Your belief system is put to the test by physical realities. Taking a stand. Strong character and integrity. There is major new input on the spiritual level. Unsolicited advice may appear. There are physical things which must be considered in order to advance further. The lessons are to correct any flaws in your belief systems which could prevent proper development and advancement. Resolve. Conviction. Here is a warrior, certainly spiritual, but otherwise as well - the defender. You cannot fight for one minute unless you are fighting for something you believe in.

Questions to Answer: What beliefs or opinions are you holding onto despite criticism and social pressure? Who are you up against? Are you being loyal to yourself? What result would you ideally like if it could be anything you wanted? How can you most effectively take a stand and present your point of view?