Seven of Wands (R) - When you achieve a position of leadership, there will always be others who crop up to challenge you. You will have to face the jealousy of those who want what you have. You will encounter situations when it will "appear" that everyone is against you - be realistic about the odds you face. "Feel" the strength within you, don't allow fear to discourage you - recognize that your position is always stronger than you think it is. Never be indecisive or allow yourself to sink into anxiety or depression. Come to a clear course of action and your self- confidence will return to overcome the anxieties and outer problems. Always have complete trust in your "inner" voice. Remain patient, make no unwise decisions - do not feel threatened, for you are never alone.

Paranoia. Unnecessary precaution or hesitation. Lack of sufficient conviction on professed beliefs. Cowardice.

Questions to Answer: What beliefs or opinions are you holding on to, despite criticism and social pressure? Who are you up against? Are you being loyal to yourself? What result would you ideally like to see, if it could be anything you wanted? How can you most effectively take a stand and present your point of view?