Six of Cups (R) - After experiencing disappointment and hurt - you face the real test - are you willing to accept an apology, to forgive and let go of the pain? Love with the trust and receptivity of a child and out of this pleasurable experience you will be regenerated and renewed to such an extent that pleasure and the sense of pleasure will be extended to everyone around you. "Delays" only test your strength and will - do not react - just be quiet, still and center yourself within.

When a special event that you have been looking forward to is postponed - be willing to release it and accept the changes. When you experience disappointment with something received - consider releasing yourself from that relationship or stifling situation. You have been "down" too long - focus your attitude and move towards action - always look towards the future. Disturbed memories from the past are creating these feelings of alienation as you experience the breakdown of a relationship which was based on one person protecting or teaching the other. Let go, experience your grief and you will be regenerated. Cry and your light will shine again. Liberate your feelings and you liberate your spirit.

Nostalgia to a fault (yearning to return to the past or an unrecoverable condition). Sentimentality - too much family/ friends . You cannot extend for the sake of extending. Rushing into or extending relationships with people not suited for or appropriate to your path. Just as we are not meant to bed with or mate with everyone we meet - neither are we to bond with just anyone. Many tests of give and take reciprocity are required. Being a blood relative is automatic but it does not entitle one to privileges not earned. All relationships must establish their mutual bonds of love and respect by their actions - not by their birth and in the case of marriages - not by fact of law. Bad memories - too emotional for the given circumstances...insincere flattery.

Questions to Answer: What memories or relationships from the past have reappeared? What insights or awareness have they provided? What is renewing and revitalizing you? What is bringing you pleasure? How are children or childlike enjoyments meaningful in your current situation? What do you give in friendship? What kind of friend are you?