Six of Pentacles - Success through physical attainment and accomplishment. A happy atmosphere surrounds you - good things are beginning to happen - you are about to enjoy the fruits of your labor. STOP WORRYING! You will receive what is rightfully yours - the bread thrown on the water of life will come back threefold. You are offered the gift of success in relationships, achieved through generosity of spirit and the sharing of your resources as each persons wants and needs are considered equally. Love gives you a feeling of abundance that you share with no fear of running out, for you KNOW now that it is an infinitely renewable resource. Experience the success of producing those things which have deep internal motivation or inspiration for you - bring your resources together and create an alliance of power and success. Organize, co-create, make things happen by using all available ways and means.

Religion and esoteric teachings give you what you are capable of receiving - "life" gives you what you need and what you can use. Place yourself in a position to receive and the force of life can overpower you with spiritual wonders. To consciously be able to give people what they need and can use, rather than what they "think" they want - you must first achieve a great degree of self- knowledge and awareness of human psychology. The value of study results not only in the specific knowledge gained - but in the frame of mind that is created by the "act" of doing it. The work changes you. You develop these changes consciously and deliberately by contemplating and joining - allowing yourself to receive the "gifts" of knowledge.

The emotions at work in the Physical/material plane, as duty and service make themselves felt, as you begin to see others as extensions of self. The hermetic dictum "as above, so below" begins to take physical effect and assert itself to become reality. You become physically demonstrative, openly appreciative, interactive, as dependable for others as you have become for yourself. Giving and receiving. Material generosity, presents/gifts, charity, philanthropy. Physical favors and volunteering. Giving from the six level is rarely anonymous and family will always come before close friends, close friends before community, local community before state, state before country, country before world and then lastly universal, metaphysical good. After all, this is pragmatic philanthropy. Paying off dues/fees/taxes for the collective good. Paying your way and then some. Sacrifice. Accepted obligation, duty. The ability to accept, to receive from others, to give thanks. We are as obliged to accept for our needs as we are to share from our abundance. Physical recognition.

Questions to Answer: With whom are you sharing your prosperity, resources or abilities? How and to whom are you mentor, advisor or patron? How are you sharing the wealth of money, talent, information? What do you have to give that others need? How are you managing your time? What and from whom do you receive?