Six of Swords (R) - You are experiencing information overload. Clear your mind and put your thoughts in order. In a situation where there has been mental or physical abuse - you need distance and support so that you can gain a new perspective. With distance it is possible to rise above the situation so that you can see the larger pattern, determine some meaning behind it and what actions are necessary. There are times when it is proper to leave others behind, in order to break through relationship patterns that obsess and bind you.

When you feel locked into a difficult set of circumstances - nothing can be accomplished - center yourself and wait. Difficult though your life may be - it will change. Go deep within yourself and seek spiritual guidance. Think carefully now and ask yourself if you have considered everything. Communicate any new ideas or decisions in such an objective way that they can be received and heard. Focus your mind and allow yourself to see the whole picture.

When your balance and peace are disturbed - your passage is no longer serene - your emotions are stirred up and your physical or spiritual journey becomes stormy. Trying to "attack" a long standing problem - especially one that has been accepted by others - only agitates the situation. Unsatisfying or oppressive situations can go quietly along for years until someone decides to do something about it. Trying to remove the swords from the boat will sink it - they are plugging up the holes. When "swords" symbolize unhappy memories where "silence" has become the defense, communication will be painful - but it will also begin the healing process.

Distortions - either too much or too little. Mental retreat. Procrastination. Deterrence from projects at hand. Interference of emotions in mental work. Defensive, neurotic mind.

Questions to Answer: What immediate problems are you attempting to solve? Where will you go to solve them? Where in your life right now is mental clarity important? How are you liberating your mind from clutter and false ideas so that you can think clearly? When you step back from your problem to gain a clear perspective, what do you see?