Six of Wands - Victory - have faith, good news is coming and you can win all that you hold dear. You are going to succeed if you will just keep trying. Trust yourself - be confident that you have been given the abilities and opportunities to realize your goals and dreams. Relax and concentrate on the task at hand - you will succeed. Your relationships will get better and you will know victory of the will over the physical world - the ability to change destiny and thoughts.

Success comes from working with others to achieve a goal. You will experience the settlement of difficulties and disputes - you have the ability to persuade, influence and counsel and from your struggle to develop your ideas there will emerge a dominant theme and a leader. Trust your instincts and intuitions - not everyone or everything is trustworthy. Approach everything in a state of open trust. You will "feel" when something is not right - trust that.

A leader can accomplish nothing without the support and backing of followers - relationships must be reciprocal if they are to succeed. You gain your self-confidence and pride from creatively solving a problem and when your work is recognized, you feel elevated above those around you. Never allow this "pride" to get in the way of your success - it will upset and delay goals and cause you to forget where you came from and those who helped you get where you are. Recognize this opposition - know that you have the wisdom to overcome it. In making your choices, consider whether you act out of love, which takes you to freedom through understanding or out of fear which takes you to guilt and bondage. When you have skills or influence that can assist others, you have a responsibility to be of service to them, using your abilities to bring victory to all concerned.

Shift your emphasis from your problems to your joys - from defensiveness to optimism - become unified with the spirit. Trust your love, your light, your beauty and your richness. Assume victory and your optimism will produce the very success it desires and expects. It requires only a true belief in yourself to find the energy to accomplish what you want and such a belief will inspire others to follow you. Believe in life and give that gift to those around you. Live and let live and everything will work out for the best.

Here are spiritual movement and externalization. A sense of mission. As with the other Sixes there is a noticeable shift of emphasis from the self as a very independent self, albeit on the spiritual path, to a sense of self that fundamentally includes others, and is included by others. Your individual path recognizes its parallel group path. Two-way communication is vital, as you balance spiritual give and take. Helen Keller, blind and deaf from the age of two, by overcoming her disabilities, was able to convey to us how truly alone we are when we cannot share our thoughts or feelings. Your ability to share is intrinsic to your knowledge of God. Ironically, you can come to know God more quickly, with a sense of the other, through the other, than through the self. The information you need for your path will come more quickly now as you have access to the additional sources of others with which you have joined. Evidence of progress is seen in the appreciation by others, and the effects of your good example and reaching. Further evidence is offered by: Spiritual recognition. Moral victories. Promotions. Rewards. Credit for something done right. There is a need to pause for recognition and to accept energy from others, or to offer recognition and energy to others. Goals and progress are validated.

Questions to Answer: What positions of leadership and responsibility have you taken on? What is your relationship with your fellow workers? What has been resolved through your actions? What do you feel confident about? What kind of leadership do others need from you?