Six of Wands (R) - False optimism - trying to cover your doubts will only lead to more fear, insecurity, possessiveness and weakness. When things are not happening the way you want them to - do not allow the tension and pressure to build, for it will produce a defeatist attitude - the sense that you are being overwhelmed by the enemy or that people will betray you. This attitude can become a self-fulfilling prophecy - suspicion produces betrayal. Use your creativity and flexibility to achieve the ultimate victory - the victory which provides a win-win situation and allows for "mutual" unfolding and opening - for new energy and revitalization, for clarity of vision and creative expression, experienced mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Blame for something done wrong. Difficulty with pride and the dangers of success. Need to guard against self-righteousness. Here, in a distortion of this archetype, is the missionary going forth to convert an indigenous people whose native religion is purer than the missionary's. As we stretch our spiritual muscle and extend into larger and larger worlds of awareness, we are meant to seek others, those of related paths with similar karmic purpose, but to do so all we need do is witness our beliefs and we will be mutually attractive to our kindred spirits. There is never a need to convert.

Questions to Answer: What positions of leadership and responsibility have you taken on? What is your relationship with your fellow workers? What has been resolved through your actions? What do you feel confident about? What kind of leadership do others need from you?