The Star (R) - You are out of touch with your reality - caught up in the past and this pessimistic attitude will narrow your relationships and cut off any possibility of renewal. Contemplate your past mistakes - put things into a proper perspective. When you feel a sense of hopelessness, and experience a lack of self-esteem - recognize that all is not lost. Be receptive to this spiritual blindness - understand that it can prevent you from seeing or taking advantage of new horizons. Masking itself as arrogance - you become cold, uninvolved, uncaring and ungiving. You experience weakness and fear - closing yourself off from the spiritual channel of calm and hope. The waters of life become dammed up inside and the outside becomes tired and depressed. Go deep within, seek spiritual guidance and through meditation you will see your world in a new light. You will receive "direct perception" as the love in your mind creates peace, joy and illuminates the possibilities. Join forces with your True Self now in a journey filled with grace.

At one extreme, we have pessimism; at the other extreme, there is over optimism. If pessimism dips low into depression, despair, complete lack of hope, then there is need for outside help. This reading itself may be a sign from God for the readee to seek such help. There may already be more information than you have been able to process on your own. Such an overload, if not handled, can lead to serious mental, emotional, and/or physical problems. Under normal circumstances, and certainly in metaphysical matters, you do not intervene unless requested. Requests need not come in words, and in this case an overt call for help may be beyond the person's ability.

Questions to Answer: What aspect of your life is being purified or cleansed? What is being renewed? What are you inspired to do? For what are you receiving recognition? What are your ideals in this matter?