Temperance (R) - You have gone to extremes - recognize this lack of harmony. Stop and consider how things are going in your life. Frustration causes emotional stress, your judgment is then lacking - you need to look before you leap. Slow down and re-evaluate every thing - a different approach is required. You have lost sight of your "art", your genius, your creative talents and your energies are being wasted and scattered. You are focused on the stress created by the conflict you are experiencing - forcing the issue is not the answer - you need total change.

Seek the advise of your "inner" Self - allow yourself to be quiet, experience the stillness - listen and the answers will be provided. Your inner self is always present and dependable - it is your true reality and when the time comes for you to find out who you are - the Voice inside of you will tell you who you are. Your experiences give you the material and data you need to make your decisions. Determine the course of your life - not the course that others desire for you - but the course that is right for you.

There are two sides to everything - the straight reasoning side and the "feeling" elements and both must balance - you can not have one without the other. It is time for you to become involved in the "outer" expression of your "inner" ideas. Each experience will tell you something new - allow yourself to flow with the experience and be led by your inner voice. When the time comes, you will know exactly what to do. It is through your "inner" awareness that you will know what is the appropriate action to take in any situation. Allow your old fears and habits to die away into the past. Calm down, avoid extremes and use the balance you have so carefully developed.

Distortions in the way of too much or too little of the above meanings. Sufi master, H2rat Inyat Khan put us on notice that "love in its lower manifestations turns into law by forming habits." Intemperance. Emotional imbalance. Addictive behavior. A problem of giving or taking in healthy proportions. In a sense this card functions as an emotional barometer. Not being able to take is a problem for m.my, and is little recognized in modern society, where giving has received a "good" label and taking has received a "bad" label. You must learn to be a good taker or you will be denying others their right auld pleasure in giving. There can be too much mentality creating abstraction and limiting heart. Too little mentality in the emotional.

Questions to Answer: What are you feeling optimistic about? How are you combining the resources available to you? What are you testing or trying out? What needs to be healed or brought into balance?