Ten of Cups - Follow the beat of your heart and be spontaneous and you will experience fulfillment, deep emotional contentment - the state of lasting happiness and the success that you desire through the realization of your personal hopes and dreams. You will know peace within, contentment and joy at last after pain. An indication of marriage - the perfection of human love and friendship. You find it difficult to accept that everything is working out well - things will happen suddenly. There will be exciting vibrations - a trip that will spell happiness.

Your fortune is where your passion is - "listen" to your passions and they will reveal your genius and bring you success. You have the gift of bringing light and good cheer to those around you - your family and relations are important to you, without them you do not feel whole. You need other people to communicate your inspirations and ideas to and their reactions matter to you. You maintain your individuality in your characteristics - but you need a highly social environment in which to express it, for this is what prosperity means to you.

God's grace and love show us that love, imagination and joy come to us as gifts - the rainbow of life promises happiness, not just the absence of pain. In our innocence, we accept happiness as the natural condition of life - expecting it and never wasting it. Allow your "inner" Self to experience the surge of joy - recognize the valuable qualities that exist in every situation.

Here is the completion of a major emotional/creative cycle, with outcomes as you would have them. This is the effect on the Emotional/creative Plane of having centered spiritually. Here are the highest possible emotional achievements. Emotional longevity. You are emotionally secure, comfort-Able with your relationships, your progeny, and your self (both inner and outer). You have good emotional support systems in place and functioning. Emotional stability. Life is rich with sensations, meaning, and social interaction. You are as important to others as they are to you. This is the ultimate extension of self, in the Emotional/creative Plane. fit terms of emotional/creative continuity and longevity, this can be the base, the encouragement to help you succeed.

Questions to Answer: How are you living in harmony with your environment? What is good in your life? Where are you finding joy? Where is home? What are your hopes for future relationships? What do you want in a family? What needs of family and friends are you serving?