Ten of Cups (R) - A highly-charged situation has gone wrong and you are experiencing "burn- out" because you have chosen to turn your emotions inward against yourself rather than expressing them. This denial of your "inner" self is producing feelings of anger and deceit which are blinding you to the happiness life can offer you. The rainbow represents a promise - the actuality has to be worked for. You need to clearly envision your dreams of social harmony, global coexistence and your personal hopes for a happy family if you wish them to be realized. When the situation surrounding you is causing depression or sadness - do not worry - time will heal your aching heart, soon the sadness will depart. When you have experienced the terrible feeling of being "let down" - it suggests that your feelings have been hurt by the thoughtless actions of others - actions which have caused tears. Try not to "analyze" so much - be more spontaneous - allow your "inner" emotional contentment to radiate out in all aspects of your life and you will know satisfaction.

There can be serious problems with your emotional "families." They may be strong, but they may not be correct or productive. A family or group may be smothering, or in other ways taking advantage. The emotions of the group may be healthy within the group but may be too self-serving in the bigger picture.

Questions to Answer: How are you living in harmony with your environment? What is good in your life? Where are you finding joy? Where is home? What are your hopes for future relationships? What do you want in a family? What needs of family and friends are you serving?