Ten of Pentacles - You are offered the gift of wealth, abundance and prosperity through your communication and organizational skills. You are beginning to feel secure, but you still feel slightly detached. Your life will seem to just turn around and security will soon crown your efforts as your finances begin to prosper. You will soon be free from monetary concern. There will be gain in finance or position - a possible inheritance. You will know attainment, recognition and a great feeling of security. Use the wealth of these resources to build lasting structures in the world -make this a better place to live in by leaving something solid and tangible behind you. Support with your gifts the traditions that are meaningful to you - you gain valuable support from your friends, relations and heritage. Leave to those who come after what knowledge you can, but in your wisdom - realize that each new child must repeat the journey.

The gate has opened to the hidden experiences in ordinary things, so that you may recognize and appreciate the magic all around you. The angel has come - disguised as a beggar or traveller to test your virtues of hospitality and generosity, then leave a magical gift. By acting in a certain way - you create within yourself the ability to recognize and receive the blessings the world has to offer you. The everyday world contains a magic greater than any of us can see - the magic is all around us. It is in nature and in the very fact that life exists. Know that you are manifesting your visions and graciously accept the rewards.

You are a product of your conditioning - free yourself from it. The comforts that you take for granted and the troubles and miseries that you allow to occupy your mind are all a play in which you follow the parts set out for you by your upbringing and society. Go beyond these limitations - walk through the Gate and look down at the little dramas of your daily life. Allow yourself to experience the wild vibrant universe existing in the very center of the ordinary - then return, destroy the negative in your house and re-establish your moral codes.

Completion of a major physical/material cycle, with outcomes as you would have them, successful by the applicable standards of measurement. Established success, with visible benefits of your excess carried over for the material benefit of others, as in one generation of a family to the next. Material legacies. Family affairs in business, lasting security. The results of your material success are strategically important to others. Abundance, endurance, maturity, physical longevity - an ultimate extension of self in the physical plane. Here you find the storybook ending "and they lived happily ever after" which means that all of the main characters got exactly what they wanted. The only thing which prevents us from reaching all of our karmic goals is ourselves, in our inability to learn our lessons efficiently.

Questions to Answer: In what ways are you wealthy? What traditions are you carrying on? What are you inheriting - a job, money, home? What do you owe to family influence? What is your status or position in the hierarchy or structure? What will endure beyond this experience or situation? How are you expected to behave under these circumstances?