Ten of Swords - Are you feeling that your friends have turned against you? Are you experiencing the end of delusion in a spiritual matter - feeling as if you have been stabbed in the back? Are these feelings creating extreme unhappiness, depression and a deep sense of loss?

Tomorrow always dawns new hope! Release the fears that led you to this negative thinking - the thoughts that created your conscious decision that things would not work out. Allow yourself the right to give up - turn away from ungrateful friends and abandon this futile project. Stop fighting these losing battles! Rise up and look to help from higher powers. You are growing toward harmony - balance between the material and the spiritual things of the mind. Surrender and you will find that a change has occurred - you have been released. You can choose to run or discover that the monster you fear isn't half as bad as you "think" it is. Be realistic now - expand your thinking. Your "life is not over"! Make the necessary changes to correct this situation and do not allow it to engulf you again. Use your imagination, pursue your dream. Every vision is an "illusion" until it has become a reality and your reality is dependant on your point of view. Alter your mind and you immediately alter your reality.

The completion of a major mental cycle with outcomes as you would have them. The mind succeeds by succeeding itself. The old self is truly dead, killed by your own thoughts - long live the new Self. Death of the little ego self and rebirthing as a new revitalized greater bigger Ego - the true Self has killed the conscious mind's ability to control you. From now on the intuitive spirit will have greater control. Major philosophical change - the mind has matured and will always function together with the intuitive in all matters of the intellect. With the awakening arrival of the Higher Self - you now function as the chairman of the board over all the lower selves and you can now make some real progress. True intellectual freedom with a strong commitment guided by free will. The soul is free and it is choosing in it's best interests...mental longevity.

Questions to Answer: In what way are you feeling paralyzed or unable to act? Where do you feel that you have no choice? What are you being forced to accept? What is being sacrificed? What problem can you now let go of? By totally accepting defeat, what are you now free to do?