Ten of Wands - You have been under pressure and experienced many changes in your lifetime. Your creativity has been blocked because you have taken on too many responsibilities. You are experiencing an oppressive burden both physically and mentally. Dynamic change will "seem" impossible when you are burdened by too great a load or too many activities. When you take on other people's cares and projects - you are unable to take time for yourself. Your vision becomes blocked by the immediate concerns of day-to-day drudgeries. Re-consider the tremendous responsibilities you have taken on. Do you actually prefer life this way or are you purposely holding yourself back?

Has your eagerness to please others involved you in so many situations that your energy is weighed down with commitments and problems? Do you want to be free to travel, to seek adventure and new involvements - yet find yourself caught in an endless circle of responsibilities - family, financial and work? Do you take on all the total weight of your relationships - always trying to smooth whatever problems, conflicts or dissatisfactions arise - actually struggling to keep a relationship going while the other person is not even aware of what is happening?

You have created these situations yourself - by acting without thinking or taking on a new problem simply for the challenge. In practical or emotional affairs - other approaches are possible - recognize now that these burdens can be avoided. Consider now if your burdens are real or if they are serving as an excuse to avoid doing something really constructive with your life - such as allowing yourself to break away from a bad situation?

Begin to stretch the limits and boundaries you have placed on yourself - extend yourself. Confront your fear of success and begin to move forward and grow. Experience the unfamiliar and grow in understanding. See with greater clarity your subconscious fears, your intuitive wisdom and your personal power. Teach yourself to be at home anywhere; to be versatile, adaptable and flexible.

The completion of a major spiritual cycle, with outcomes as God would have them. The ultimate extension of the self in the Spiritual Plane. The merging of God within (self-will/man's will) with the god without (God's will). Hard work and so correctly communicates the paradox of spiritual fulfillment as more work, more responsibility - not less. Our path leads ever to more work, but we are ever more capable of handling it. Things get both harder and easier. Duality - the completion of one cycle is merely the preparation for the next even greater task. A knowing relationship with the Divine, a hands-on working knowledge of the endless cycle of underlying ultimate truths. The soul in control - a spiritual master in the making. Not only do we have the wisdom which is the ability to manage knowledge, here is the Wisdom which is the ability to manage spirit. Spiritual longevity, individual spirit identified with universal spirit - a dedicated life to whom much is given and much is required. Wisdom.

Questions to Answer: What responsibilities are weighing heavily on your shoulders? What are you feeling burdened with? What is your goal? When will you get there? Who or what is restricting you and keeping you from manifesting your full radiant energy? Why have you taken on these responsibilities? How can you best use your powers and energies?