Ten of Wands (R) - Take a look at your original goal and see if you are still on course. When you fulfill personal obligations and agreements, you develop the maturity essential to all social relationships. You develop faith in yourself and your ability to accomplish your goals.

Your burdens have increased in weight and number to the point where you may collapse from them - physically and emotionally. You are holding yourself back, limiting your vision by giving your power to others. It is vitally important that you release yourself - stop restricting your activities and remove yourself from the oppressive situations in your life where you feel you are holding yourself back and unable to fully express all of who you are. Throw down the burdens, attempt a new direction and use your energy for a better, more constructive purpose. Continue to grow - don't give up now...be willing to take the risk and reach for your goals.

There may be an overly long pause at this level, a hesitation to go on with the next task. Spiritual egotism. Presumption of a high order. Spiritual abuse, negligence. Spiritual vertigo. The symbol of Fascist Italy was a bundle of rods tightly tied together, suggesting that the Italian State had combined and coordinated the force of all its elements. Here is power without the commensurate level of responsibility.

Questions to Answer: What responsibilities are weighing heavily on your shoulders? What are you feeling burdened with? What is your goal? When will you get there? Who or what is restricting you and keeping you from manifesting your full radiant energy? Why have you taken on these responsibilities? How can you best use your powers and energies?