Three of Cups - The crisis has passed, your work has produced good results and something good is on the way. Your talents and sensitivity lie hidden just beneath the surface - allow your metaphysical interests to develop. Open your heart - deep fulfillment is realized through love - give and receive it. Love is a relationship - share your ideas, your touch, your projects and your growth. Follow your heart and you will know joy, your hopes will be complete and there will be a happy conclusion.

Success - the beginning of a new lifestyle and the commencement of a love which is mutual. You have the gift of an abundant communicating heart - the ability to communicate feelings, especially the nurturing, positive, lighthearted feelings of love. The emotional riches that you experience are shared with friendship and hospitality. You love to celebrate your mutual accomplishments and you work well with others because you bring out the best in them. People reveal aspects of themselves that they normally couldn't share. Your natural grace, rhythm and harmony make you enjoyable to be around - you inspire others with your belief in them and in their capabilities.

First the ends, the results of our alliances established in the Two of Cups, then the means by which we hope to create the tranquility of a security/foundation in the Four of Cups. Here are the fruits of your emotional choices and decisions. Emotional/creative life flourishes - love of what love can bring. Joy. Children/happy issues, creative issues, projects of love. Love growing and expanding. Commitment, sociability - opening up emotionally and continuing to open up - but still predominantly one-on-one...not necessarily limited to a mate or romantic/sexual partner. The results of love, affection and sex. The effect of the mind on the emotions pushes you forward to experience, to feel more in a completely positive sense.

Questions to Answer: How have you been enjoying yourself? How do you relax with others? What is bringing you joy? What talents do you have and how have you been using them? What do you want to communicate or share with others? What cause is there for celebration in your life?