Three of Cups (R) - Balance your emotions now - you are being too overbearing - placing "conditions" on your expressions of love. You tend to do everything in the extreme - you work too hard or you play too hard and you must now learn to balance the two. Recognize when circumstances are changing - when what was good begins to cause pain, the loss of happiness, the failure of a friendship or disillusionment when you find that your friends did not support you when you needed them. Never dwell on what is happening. Turn right around and concentrate all your energies in a new direction. Experience your emotions completely and once the grieving process is over - straighten up and take charge of your life again. Create new plans, fill your life with new interests. Make a conscious decision not to feel sorry for yourself - you have much yet to accomplish. Communicate the abundance of your feelings in ways that nurture, comfort and motivate other people and this will generate tangible abundance for you.

An emotional or creative block. Problems with what has issued from your emotions or creative projects. The proper function of the mind to push you forward emotionally, to tempt you if you will - will be a force to be reckoned with. An unwanted child or pregnancy. Not wanting what love can bring. Infertility, abortion, even having/wanting the pain that can come with love - unrequited love, grief, sadness.

Questions to Answer: How have you been enjoying yourself? How do you relax with others? What is bringing you joy? What talents do you have and how have you been using them? What do you want to communicate or share with others? What cause is there for celebration in your life?