Three of Pentacles - Persistence - clear priorities and commitments - your mind, heart and spirit moving in the same direction. You love your work, you are well informed and you can make great progress now. You have great skill, ability and talent - use them. Recognition is possible - your efforts will finally be rewarded. You are aware of the harmony that can result when you use your best skills in cooperation with other capable partners. You have the ability to create and work out practical plans for any project - advancing step by step because you recognize and value the role of each person in any endeavor. You ground your vision in the practical world through physical effort.

Clarify your priorities and commitments - stick with the endeavors that you want to make stable, solid and tangible in your life. Support your creations with patience and tender loving care. Combine love with wisdom and hard work with play and with a proper nurturing attitude your creativity will pay off and you will reap the harvest. Hard work and dedication to your goal will result in mastery. Your best work combines both your spiritual understanding and your technical skills with energy and desire - it can raise you to higher levels. It should be rooted in the reality of the world and the needs of the community. Practical work, done consciously and with commitment can serve as a vehicle for self-development.

Here are the fruits of your physical/material choices and the resulting growth. The resolution - expression and creation from the physical thesis/antithesis. Productive labor, healthy progress, craftsmanship, correct quality workmanship. Dedicated student/apprentice in a quality program with good guidance. A working, hands-on knowledge of things physical/material. The application/blending of mind with the physical. Practicality.

Questions to Answer: How do you work with others? What are you working on? What is your goal? What skills are you using? Are you willing to persevere? How are you taking or expressing criticism of the work being done?