Three of Pentacles (R) - Trying to "do it all" leads to workaholism which is just as devastating to love and creativity as any other excess. You sacrifice many things for the sake of one. You begin to stifle others by imposing standards and values to the extent they can not be themselves.

You now have the opportunity to demonstrate and share your work with others - which will satisfy your need for their feedback and approval. You will go much farther with the active support and encouragement of those around you. You have the discipline to work long and hard, but you need to understand the overall plan, otherwise you tend to get hung up in details or caught up in the drudgery of meaningless exertion. Things continue - either getting worse or improving, but at a slow steady pace.

Stand back periodically and take a look at the whole picture. Form a mental picture of the completed project. Always strive to learn more, to gain more experience. Challenge yourself to do more and with time and patience, learning to take it easy and not always trying to rush things - you will succeed. You will learn to focus on your ambition and extend the effort necessary to succeed.

Perhaps the category of work is wrong. Lack of direction or wrong direction. Productivity is blocked or below an acceptable level. The student/apprentice may not be doing as well learning the trade as he might. Supervision may be too harsh or lacking altogether. There may be some sort of subversion of a productive process. Physical inertia, laziness or over enthusiasm or too much work taking place. The amount of work being done exceeds what is proper or necessary for the desired end product - the mark of a workaholic fits here.

Questions to Answer: How do you work with others? What are you working on? What is your goal? What skills are you using? Are you willing to persevere? How are you taking or expressing criticism of the work being done?