Three of Swords - Focus and release this conscious state of sadness. Experience your emotions fully, so that you will not get blocked by them. Sorrow is the cleansing and purifying process of grief. Allow your feelings to wash over you and release any anguish that has built up. Even in the most loving relationships there are times of conflict, hurt and separation. Try to solve your problems by expressing your feelings through some creative form. Deal with your old patterns in a new way and release the constraining energy so that healing is possible. Refuse to harbor any negative thoughts.

Allow your feelings to flow freely - focus on them, experience them and then release them completely. This will allow a new creative breakthrough to enter and take it's place. There is only one response to true sorrow - do not push the pain away from you - take it into your heart, accept it and go beyond it. Allow it to be transformed by courage and love! Acceptance and love can turn a painful experience into a joyful memory - an embracing of life. New ideas germinate from within and await their birth. Be creative and let your ideas out. Love what you have to give the world, give your spirit freedom and discover an endless source of new life through your creativity.

The end results of arbitration and agreements - producing the means by which we can achieve a meditative/secure foundation. Mental resolution and clarity emerging from the influence of the lower emotions. Does not damage or limit the heart - represents the wise mind that springs from the strength of a loving, pure heart. The elemental heart is harnessed in order to use its energy for self-expression, ambition, productivity, efficiency, organization, progression, articulation, communication, literacy, wit, extroversion, expression, enthusiasm, directness, publicity, commitment, trust, decisiveness, rationality and factuality.

Questions to Answer: In what ways are you suffering, feeling jealous or hurt? Has anyone hurt your feelings? What are you feeling sorrowful about? Who would you like to hurt or "get back at"? Can you look at your relationships with truth and honesty? What do you fear most within your relationships?