The Tower (R) - The process of change has started. Do not resist the inevitable breakdown of your present circumstances - let go, do not fight it. Look at things the way they really are - ignore the opposition and you will win the day. To rid yourself of something old or undesirable, you need to literally get rid of it - so that something much better can come along. See the writing on the wall - accept your situation and do what you know is right. Do not wait till the last minute - trying to hang on only makes the situation worse. Clear things up and have the courage to start over.

Your "ego" can find a reason for everything - but it is the wrong reason. Allow yourself to undergo the full experience. Trying to keep a tight reign on your reactions may lesson your pain for the moment - but in doing so, you do not release all the repressed emotions. The painful experience continues inside you - never having gone its full course. In trying to shield yourself from the Towers lightening - you virtually become its prisoner.

Enlightenment is a disturbing experience because it disrupts the little false "ego" world you have surrounded yourself with. You suddenly see that there is much more than the everyday world with all of its problems - there is an "inner" world filled with happiness and joy. You have always been aware of it, but you identified with it on the "ego" level in which you always seemed to loose. In the transition from the Tower - you never "loose" anything. Your "ego" becomes subordinate to your Inner Self and you begin to enjoy creating for that is what truly makes you happy. On the "ego" level - you win some and you loose some. In the creative situation - you ALWAYS win because you are not playing any games - you ARE important or you wouldn't be here!

Suggests that the major lesson involves someone else, someone most likely close to you, but you are involved in them getting this message and/or in the lesson itself.

Questions to Answer: How are you improving and restructuring yourself and your environment? What are you angry about? What structures in your life are breaking up? What has shattered your complacency? What sudden realization or insight have you had?