Two of Cups (R) - Control your emotions - you tend to become over sentimental and empathize with others so strongly that you forget whose feelings are whose. Control your urge to comfort and heal everyone you come in contact with. Disagreements and misunderstandings can cause a loss of balance in close relationships. It doesn't matter who makes the first move - if you are too possessive or too demanding in a relationship - your own pride will destroy love. The protection of your "ego" is not worth the price you will have to pay. Accept that everything can not be perfect all the time and that an "all-or-nothing-at-all" attitude will deprive you of what you need.

Become receptive to "limiting" feelings - allow yourself to feel deeply - transform any "limiting" feelings and maintain your inner balance. Think things over - put aside your anger and allow a new perspective to develop - deter anything which arises from undesirable external situations and allow your inner peace to radiate outwards. Try not to repress your emotions - learn to emotionally regenerate and revitalize yourself. Recognize that you are capable of experiencing great happiness even in the driest of times.

Difficulty with recognition of an emotional choice or with identifying and partnering with that choice to make a fertile relationship. At the extreme there may be blockage preventing a beneficial merger, hindering a creative process or slowing the development of a talent. Divorce or the blockage of divorce in a relationship detracting from rather than adding to your emotional energy and creative resources. Infertility, sexual or creative. There may be an inappropriate forcing of a talent or relationship - marriage of convenience.

Questions to Answer: To whom are you giving your love and affections? How do you nurture others? What is being healed in your relationship? How are your inner masculine and feminine uniting and working together in your life? What are you lovingly sharing with another? Do you find that you are split between what you are doing and what you are really feeling? Are you split between action and emotion - simply going through the motions of love without any care or concern for the outcome?