Two of Swords - You are stalemated in your affairs and you don't know which direction to go next. You seek a new approach, but your emotions are involved which make it difficult to decide what to do. You desire to be a peacemaker, so you are reluctant to express your opinions unless you are forced to. Wanting order and stability - you seek to maintain calm through your balanced rationality, which causes you to deny your intuitions. It is the "conflict" between your opinions and others which is causing the stalemate and indecision.

There is no confusion here - you have deliberately closed your eyes so that you will not have to choose between friend and enemy - the very choice which is your first step to involving yourself with people again. In your attempts to protect yourself you have closed off your heart - blocked your emotions, trying to hold them within. This attempt to stop your emotions is virtually making you more emotional. You are trying to think and act - not from your center - but from your own constricted emotions.

Seek your solution through your "inner" guidance - the answers will be provided and vivid peace restored. Recognize that when you are unable to see your options - your rationality is of no help. Stop trying to "force" things to happen prematurely. Listen to the swell of your emotions - then you will KNOW when the tide has turned and it is time to act. Mental clarity and balance may require removing yourself from the action. Get away from it all to see the truth and in this state of detachment and non-involvement, you can see with non-judgmental awareness. Allow your higher consciousness to decide on an action according to the higher laws and values of the Universe. Experience your faculties of analysis - the creative power of your thought. Peace will soon be restored - you will know clarity and balance as you bring the two issues together into a state of resolution. There will be recognition and success - do not allow this situation to upset you.

The entrance of the "other" at the mental level - the recognition of an alternative, then the action in relation to that choice. Decision. The desire and ability to identify and understand the other side. Arbitration, debate, defining position or opposition. Objectivity, a second opinion, review, negotiation, compromise, truce, compatibility, contracts, tact, diplomacy. To agree, to unite mentally.

Questions to Answer: What are you hesitating to do? With whom do you have to make peace or reconcile? What are you struggling to maintain in balance? What decision would you prefer not to make? What would you prefer not to know about?