The World - The joy which results from "truth" and the belief which results from joy are the keys which open the door to understanding the world as a work of art. Understanding -a freedom and rapture beyond words - the unconscious known consciously as the outer self is unified with the forces of life. Knowledge that is not knowledge, but rather a constant ecstatic dance of being - all true and yet not true. True unity lies in movement. Joy is harmony in rhythm - suffering is disharmony.

Life is a continuous process of "becoming". You are free to go in any direction - live your dream and you will be triumphant in any undertaking. You are free to choose your own path at last, for you have learned your lessons well. Vibrations are good for any changes you wish to make. You can accept new responsibilities and make others happy too, for you have gained insight, have applied yourself well and it is now within your power to make important decisions - others will rely on you. Never forget what it took to get you here - your consciousness is now ready to reach a higher level.

Implement new plans, the chances for success are high - growth, protection, talent, charm and luck prevail. The Greater You is now ready to proceed. Affirm yourself as simultaneously real both in the flesh and in other dimensions and you will become aware of the existence of the super- conscious mind. Your experiences will dissolve any conflicts so that you can spontaneously dance through the ever-changing beliefs and their realities. Recognition of this state helps you direct energies from other dimensions into your daily life and allows you to assist in the great expansion of all consciousness.

Your energy is constantly flowing, transformed and renewed as you experience love and healing, radiating wholeness to everyone - even those who are not consciously aware of it. Because of the divinity within you - your very presence communicates the loving truth to those around you. Satisfaction, achievement and success - the unification of your "inner" being with your outer activities.

You must observe the vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. A chaste mind seeks the truth - not the joy of revelation of the truth. A chaste love seeks union with the loved one - not the carnal pleasure of the union. A chaste mind is sober - it is not swept away by the sweet allure of a mirage. The poor mind seeks only what is essential to the life of the body, the life of the soul and the life of the spirit and an obedient mind is capable of recognizing the "voice of truth" - it is spiritual hearing developed by obedience.

Joy is the root of creation - learning never to confuse the "intensity" of a spiritual experience with the "truth" that is being revealed. Learning never to regard the "impact" or "force" of an experience as a criterion for determining its authenticity and truth. True revelation from above can take place as a scarcely perceptible "inner" whispering. In order to hear, you must acquire the art of silence, for the Holy Spirit provides "reasonable" inspiration - a gentle flow, little by little which intensifies with growth and maturity. In order to develop harmoniously, you must cultivate a balance of the four elements within:

1. The strong - to KNOW with intelligence 2. The great - to WILL with the strength of a lion 3. The mighty - to DARE or elevate oneself with the power of an eagle. 4. The tremendous - to be SILENT with the massive and concentrated force of the bull.

Worldly knowledge and attainment of your mental goals, as expressed in the maximum expectations of The Star. A well-rounded education has been achieved. The World is at your doorstep even as you are at the doorstep of the universe. This is another "anything is possible" point similar to that represented by The Magician (1), except that it is not "anything is possible" as pure potential at the beginning of beginnings, it is "anything is possible" after many tests and lessons learned. This is experimential intelligence - theories that have been proven in the laboratory of life. Wholeness. There is a full understanding of the pattern of the whole in every little piece, the holographic principles underlying our perception of reality. Here is the hermaphrodite dancing, uniting Hermes and Aphrodite as dualities are resolved; the limited lower self of the separated ego is now the unlimited higher Self of the superego united with the other - with universal mind. This is the full realization of achievement, as the mind is aware of completion of the Karmic Contract and so is justifiably and properly proud. Here, to not be proud would be to err, for the self-ego is meant to become fulfilled as self-esteem.

Questions to Answer: What are you doing to free yourself from the limitations and restrictions in your life or what are you doing to work freely within them? What potential do you see in yourself? In the world? What physical needs must you take care of? What is making you dance for joy?