The World (R) - Your movement and growth have been slowed down to the point of being stopped because of your refusal to explore new horizons. You are experiencing information "overload" which is creating confusion and indecision. Be willing now to try new ideas or your own fear will create the inability to increase your spiritual growth. You have experienced many lessons in your lifetime - trust that you have learned from them and stop resisting change - it is always beneficial! When you need encouragement - cry out for help!

Try something different, be willing to accept other people's ideas as well as your own. They are here to assist you in whatever you wish to accomplish - they are here to bring you to your heart's desire. Be confident in the process. To make full use of your power, you must first have a clear image of what you want so that you can quickly eliminate anything that doesn't conform to that picture. Remove the emotional blocks. Your "inner" voice will fight you when you begin to put road blocks in the way of the good that you could have. You can not ask for anything more than the best that Life has to offer and you must be willing to turn to it with confident expectancy.

You may be at a standstill for the moment - but the freedom and the rapture of the World always exists in potential and will be released when you feel ready to begin the dance of life again. Practice being yourself, develop the creativity that comes from your center and allow yourself to enjoy it. Be willing now to express yourself completely and trust in the Power that gave it to you. Don't worry about what other people say - what they think about your creations is not relevant. The independence of your spirit is essential in your growth, you take the sting out of your inner problems by airing them and recognizing them for what they are. See clearly now that the World represents a goal - it represents hope and intuition - the way to that goal lies in the images of your "inner" Self. Accept the mystery and magic of the Universe, have faith in the "inexplicable" - see beyond the physical eye.

Naivete. Sin of Pride. Having missed the mark and either aware or unaware of that fact. At one extreme, hubris, arrogance. At the other extreme, lack of confidence, poor self- esteem/self-worth, inability to accept a compliment, praise, a reward.

Questions to Answer: What are you doing to free yourself from the limitations and restrictions in your life? What are you doing to work freely within them? What potential do you see in yourself and in the world? What physical needs must you take care of? What is making you dance for joy?