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About the Author

Hi, My name is Diana Rogers and I am the proud owner of Crystal Clear Reflections, which is my registered business name and Crystal Clear Reflections Photography Services, both are operated from my home in Oklahoma. I created Crystal Clear Reflections in 1983 for the purpose of providing a source of entertainment, information and products that would stimulate the imagination, satisfy a persons curiosity and enhance the elements of creativity. I also offer my services as a Graphic Specialist, Patent Illustrator, Photographer and Metaphysical Counselor.

I spent 22 years at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Menlo Park, California as Graphic Specialist to the Director and Lab Photographer. Handling the labs photography needs, as well as preparing Presentations, Reports, Reviews, Publications, Posters and Specialty Projects for the Director of the Lab.

I currently contract Patent Drawing Services to Eastman Kodak Corporate (9 years) out of New York and Phillips, McFall, McCaffrey, McVay, & Murrah (6 years) here in Oklahoma City. I am open to contracting additional law firms. I also offer a large range of Photography and Graphic Specialty Projects through Crystal Clear Reflections Photography Services.

All Photography pricing is based on the individual project or projects. Please contact us for a price quote to fit your specific needs.

Mission Statement

The source of my creativity radiates outward from the hearts of my subjects. Their awesome energy leaps forward, touches my hand and the moment is captured. In that second - we communicate our timeless spirit. I am truly honored each and every time I am allowed to share this experience with another human being or animal.

Photography - especially candid portraiture photography - has always been my passion. Memory can and will fade ... yet, through photography, we are allowed to grab hold of a moment in time and capture it in a way that is remembered forever! What greater legacy could one hope to leave behind than the precious memories of our lifetime!


I am a Scorpio with two grown daughters. I am currently blessed with 7 wonderful grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  I absolutely "love" being a young "Great" grandmother!  I have a sister who is now retired - she was an absolutely awesome grade school teacher.

Metaphysics is my passion. Do you need mental, physical or spiritual counseling? Would you like to experience your first "energy" reading? I am energy sensitive and I am an ordained minister of metaphysics. I have spent 23 years studying and compiling my TAROT divinations which most seem to truly enjoy. If you are curious and would like to know more about it ... Email Me and we can talk.

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